The SafeSpot app aims to consolidate and simplify the necessary information for the user, including current storm location, size, category and wind speed, all watches and warnings currently in effect (as well as changes to watches and warning since the last update), an interactive map to determine one’s evacuation zone, an interactive emergency checklist, and a map tool for finding available shelters and directions to them.

SafeSpot debuted in the first week of July, 2021, and was successful in providing info for Hurricane / Tropical Storm Elsa. It is currently avaiable for residents of Florida (USA).

I really hope you…

I am about to complete the data science immersive program at General Assembly (This week! Very exciting!), but just prior to starting this course, I was a high school math teacher. I’ve taught general education students, special education, and students identified as gifted.

I don’t think it will shock many reading this when I say that a lot of students struggle with high school math. I’ve worked hard and struggled alongside them to try to make it a bit better for them. …

Hello, my name is Christina Holland, and I’m an (aspiring) data scientist.

I’m just now four weeks into an immersive data science “boot camp” with General Assembly ( It’s a scary time of transition, but most definitely a time of growth, and of discovering new ways to approach solving some fascinatingly complex problems, with some amazing instructors and classmates.

I’m no stranger to science, or to data. Getting my PhD in physical oceanography certainly required me to wrap my head around some complicated sets of data and make sense of them. What I’m finding is that the approach in the world of data science is similar … but also pretty different. …

Christina Holland

Data Scientist and Mathematician

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